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Aesthetics Treatments Hertfordshire

Harpenden Skin Clinic in Hertfordshire specialises in non-surgical aesthetic and laser treatments.

Whether you are looking to remove a tattoo, reduce stubborn fat deposits or reverse the inevitable aging process, we can offer you a variety of treatment choices.

Medical or aesthetic, there are many different reasons that people seek aesthetic treatments. There is no shame in wanting to change the way you look and feel in your own body.

Take some time to read through the list below to see what we can offer you.

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Harpenden Skin Clinic - Face Treatments


Aesthetic treatments offered at Harpenden, Hertfordshire:

Harpenden Skin Clinic offers treatments for a wide range of conditions across the body. We can tailor our treatments to your individual requirements, making sure that you get the results you desire.

Many of the following treatments are suitable for a multitude of conditions, and we encourage you to seek a consultation with us to discuss your options.



Skin peels – These use natural acids and enzymes to exfoliate the skin, target acne, pigmentation and blemishes, reduce open pores and generally invigorate the complexion.

Carbon peel – This involves the application of a carbon lotion and laser techniques to reduce pigmentation, fine lines and textural irregularities.

IPL skin rejuvenation – Otherwise known as Photo Rejuvenation, this can be used to treat any skin condition by using intense light therapy.

Dermalux LEDThis uses non-thermal LED light to accelerate tissue repair and rejuvenate the skin.

HydrafacialSuitable for oily skin, blocked pores, pigmentation and more, this treatment is delivered via an applicator device to cleanse the skin and restore it to health.

Acne plasma showerThis revolutionary treatment uses ionised gas to target the bacteria that causes acne to form.

DermaneedlingEffective in combating fine lines, stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles, dermaneedling is a general skin management treatment that employs fine needles to stimulate skin regeneration.

DermaplaningAlso known as microplaning, this treatment uses a sterile blade to remove dead skin cells, smoothing the surface of the skin and improving its health and vibrancy.

Skin tightening/Ultraformer IIIThis is a device that uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology to improve skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging, among other imperfections.

Fire and ice facialAs evidenced by its name, this aesthetic treatment uses contrasting temperatures to resurface the skin and renew cells, tackling the most complex of skin conditions.

MesotheraphyThis procedure involves injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones or plant extracts into the mid dermal layer to target signs of aging and improve hydration.

Laser facialsLasers can be used to target different layers in the skin, allowing for the treatment of a variety of skin conditions.

RadiofrequencyA combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound can be used to combat a range of body and skin conditions, including cellulite, wrinkles, definition and skin elasticity.



CoolsculptingThis non-invasive treatment targets specific areas of the face or body to reduce fatty tissue. It uses controlled cooling to freeze fat cells which, over time, are eliminated naturally by the body.

Body contouringRadiofrequency and ultrasound technology can be used to create slimmer body contours by collapsing the cell membranes of fat cells.

HyperhidrosisFor people who suffer from excessive perspiration, botox can be used to inhibit sweat glands at targeted locations around the body, such as the underarms.

Cellulite reductionDual-Layer Thermotherapy employs radiofrequency  to tighten loose skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Soprano ice/laser hair removalA more permanent solution to unwanted hair growth than shaving or waxing, this treatment reduces the risk of ingrown hairs.

Red vein removalAlso referred to as diathermy, this treatment involves passing a fine needle over the affected area. The needle emits a high-frequency electrical current which will minimise the appearance of dilated capillaries.

SclerotherapyThis is another treatment that involves an injection to reduce the appearance of thread, varicose or red veins beneath the skin.

Aquagold fine touchThis advanced treatment combines microneedling with targeted skincare solutions to produce an array of beneficial effects.

Stretch mark reductionFractional Resurfacing using a laser can completely erase stretch marks and other scarring as well as rejuvenating the skin.

CryoPenThis procedure is used to remove skin lesions such as skin tags, moles and warts.

Rejuvenating IV dripsVitamin infusions and vitamin B12 injections can be tailored to your individual health requirements to deliver a supply of nutrients that leave you feeling invigorated.

Fat dissolving injectionsInjections of special formula are used to fight localised fat and cellulite.

Tattoo removalAt Harpenden, we use Harmony XL laser removal. Light energy – absorbed by the tattoo – splits up the ink which is eventually removed by the body’s immune system.

Fungal nail treatmentThis treatment uses the heat from light energy to kill fungal organisms growing beneath the nail plate.

Skin tag removalWe offer three options in skin tag removal: short-wave diathermy, CryoPen and plasma treatment. Respectively, these use an electrical current or gas to cause the skin tag to fall away.

Trusculpt flexThis is a muscle toning and stimulating machine that improves fitness, builds muscle mass, strength and endurance. It can also assist with pain management and physical rehabilitation.


Harpenden Skin Clinic - Skin Treatments



Botox/Anti wrinkle injectionsInjections of the miracle neurotoxin botulinum reduce lines and wrinkles by suppressing muscle contraction.

Dermal fillersInjections of hyaluronic acid solution stimulate the body’s natural responses, improving skin elasticity, erasing blemishes and increasing definition and volume.

Lip enhancementUses injections of dermal fillers to create volume in the lips.

Eyebrow MicrobladingThis is a cosmetic, semi-permanent tattoo technique which gives the impression of a fuller, more defined brow.


We also provide bespoke packages that combine treatments and technologies to target multiple skin and body conditions.

At Harpenden Skin Clinic, we guide all our potential clients through an obligation-free consultation process. Whichever treatment interests you, we will ensure that you end up pursuing the right one for your needs.


Why choose Harpenden?

Here at Harpenden, we have decades of collective experience in the aesthetics industry. We have developed a brilliant reputation among our clients for being friendly, discrete and ethical.

We were founded in 2011 by nurse practitioner and aesthetic medicine expert, Janne Richardson. Janne favours the ‘less is more’ philosophy when it comes to aesthetic beauty, building up a loyal client base with her humane approach.

All members of the Harpenden team are not only trained and experienced in their field, but are passionate about skin care and the service they provide. They know that their work has a positive impact on people’s confidence and their daily lives.

Explore our website to learn more!

Alternatively, give us a call on 01582 822000, or contact us online with any enquiries.


Hertfordshire as a destination

Easily commutable from London, Hertfordshire is counted among the ‘Home Counties’ of South-East England. A county of rich heritage, Hertfordshire boasts a wealth of attractions, such as traditional English villages, Roman ruins, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and St Albans Cathedral to name a few.

Little known facts about the county include how Charles Blondin did a practise run for his famous Niagara Falls tightrope walk over Hertfordshire’s River Mimram. Sele Mill near Hertford was the first paper mill to open in the UK, dating back to 1488.

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