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Enlarged Pores

Pores are the small openings in the skin. There are two types of pore; one type release sweat, and the other type are also known as hair follicles and release oil. Enlarged pores are bigger and more visible to the naked eye.


Information on Enlarged Pores

While genetics plays a role in enlarged pores, oily skin can also play a part. When oil collects in the pore and combines with dead skin cells, it can become blocked, making it look bigger. Additionally, if skin elasticity decreases around pores, they can appear enlarged.

Enlarged pores do not pose a risk to health; however, some people seek cosmetic procedures to reduce their appearance.

We would recommend that you undergo an in-depth skin consultation at Harpenden Skin Clinic before an appropriate treatment or skincare plan can be devised for your enlarged pores.


Advice is on hand

If you relate to this condition but still feel unsure, at Harpenden Skin Clinic we are always here to help and advise patients on the best possible treatment journey performed by experienced clinicians.

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