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Pigmentation is a common skin condition characterised by brown spots or darker patches appearing on the skin. It most commonly affects the face, chest, hands and arms, as these are places that are exposed to a lot of sunlight.


Information on Pigmentation

Pigment-producing cells known as melanocytes produce melanin, the pigment that gives skin and hair its colour. Melanin protects our skin from the sun’s harmful rays and causes us to tan. When melanocytes produce too much melanin, pigmentation occurs. Yet brown patches are not always triggered by the sun.

Hormones are thought to play a role in the development of pigmentation, and a staggering ninety-percent of people who suffer from the condition are female. Dark spots and patches can occur during pregnancy and when taking hormonal medication such as the contraceptive pill.

Although not a medical concern, pigmentation can be a cosmetic issue for some people. Chemical peels and laser treatments can help to reduce the appearance of pigmented skin at Harpenden Skin Clinic.


Advice is on hand

If you relate to this condition but still feel unsure, at Harpenden Skin Clinic we are always here to help and advise patients on the best possible treatment journey performed by experienced clinicians.

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