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Skin Tags

Skin tags are small, soft, skin-coloured growths that hang from the skin. They vary in size from a few millimetres up to five centimetres. They are usually found in places where the skin rubs against itself, such as the neck, armpits, groin and breasts.


Information on Skin Tags

Made up of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels, skin tags can affect both men and women.  Pregnant women may be more likely to develop the growths due to changes in hormones. Other factors that may play a part in skin tag development include age, obesity, and suffering from type 2 diabetes.  

Skin tags do not usually cause any pain or discomfort, and do not pose any threats to health. Even so, people often seek treatment to remove them for cosmetic reasons, and we do have options for skin tag removal here at Harpenden Skin Clinic.


Advice is on hand

If you relate to this condition but still feel unsure, at Harpenden Skin Clinic we are always here to help and advise patients on the best possible treatment journey performed by experienced clinicians.

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