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Dull Skin

Dull skin lacks brightness and radiance, in extreme cases adopting a grey tone. A common cause of dull skin is a build-up of dead skin cells.

Every three to four weeks the skin produces new cells, pushing dead skin cells to the surface. Some of these fall away naturally, but others need to be wiped or exfoliated away. New skin cells reflect light, giving the skin its brightness; dead cells cannot, giving the skin a lacklustre appearance.


Information on Dull Skin

Other causes of dull skin include prolonged sun exposure, stress, lack of sleep, and smoking. The sun’s UV rays extract water from the skin, leading to dehydration and dull-looking skin. Stressful situations cause the body to release hormones which can cause breakouts and slow down the skin’s ability to regenerate skin cells.

Adequate sleep helps the body to produce growth hormone and collagen, without which the skin does not feel rejuvenated. Smoking leads to problems with circulation, meaning the skin does not receive sufficient oxygenated blood to get its nutrients and maintain its glow.

If you’re suffering from dull skin, you may benefit from an in-depth skin consultation with one of our experts at Harpenden Skin Clinic.


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