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Patient Journey

What To Expect

Regardless of who we are as people, most of us reach a point in our lives where we begin to think about taking more active steps to look and feel the very best we can. In many cases, this extends to undergoing regular cosmetic or aesthetic treatments to maintain our confidence and feel happier with our appearance.

Patient Journey

My Clinic Experience

From the moment you turn into the drive and head towards Harpenden Skin Clinic the picturesque surroundings and calm environment almost instantly puts you at ease.

Turning up to a private car park was a joy…anyone who has planned to be on-time for a beauty appointment at a salon and turned up to find the horror of no direct parking will share my appreciation for this stress-free beginning to my first experience at Harpenden Skin Clinic! I was warmly welcomed into the modern reception area, which still had a beautiful traditional barn-style feel. Something that I noticed straight away was that there were two separate reception desks, one designed for checking in for appointments and one for client’s post-treatment.

Something I haven’t seen before, but I instantly loved the thought of a swift service either side of having a treatment! One of the receptionists showed me upstairs and into the waiting room, where I was offered a choice from a range of drinks whilst I very comfortably waited for my aesthetician.I couldn’t ignore the feeling of how airy, bright and homely this room felt, and I was blown away by the stunning scent thanks to the huge bouquets of fresh flowers dotted around.

Come in and Take a Look

The Clinic

With plush sofas and a whole bar area decked out with a fancy coffee machine, personalised water bottles and even a fruit bowl…I made a mental note to arrive early next time, so I could enjoy this for longer! It is clear to see that Harpenden Skin Clinic have left no detail missed when it comes to optimising their customers experience to the fullest. After speaking to one of the directors and hearing that most of their clientele are repeat customers, many for years and years, it is evident to see why.

I was greeted by the lovely Ciara, who explained that she was going to be carrying out my treatment today and showed me downstairs into a lovely tucked awaytreatment room.

Ciara then ran through a few pre-treatment questionswhich involved medical history, allergies, skin concerns and conditions. We decided to go for a mild peel as that was the first time I would have had one at the clinic (and one in a long while for that matter!). I was so excited to try out the SkinCeuticals range and Ciara explained to me all of the products and their purposes throughout the treatmentwhich was so informative. I couldn’t wait to see how theyfelt post-treatment.

I was incredibly relaxed, and was talked through each step, including when the actual glycolic & lactic acid peel was about to go on, I was warned that I might begin to feel some tingling. It wasn’t uncomfortable, and I personally like to feel tingling as you know something must be working! As soon as it was removed with cool water, I was back to feeling relaxed and almost drifted off.

I was then treated to the ultimate chemical peel add-on,the Derma Luxe. This consisted of LED light therapy which had customisable settings, depending on the client’s skin concern. In my case, we opted for a rejuvenation settingthat would add a finishing touch to my post-treatment glow!

Although it wasn’t heated, I could feel my skin slightly tingling under the lights as my blood cells were being stimulated and after the ten minutes was up, my face felt exactly like the setting that we went for – completely rejuvenated.

My experience at Harpenden Skin Clinic is one I would highly recommend. Not only are they true skin experts, but they have an exceptional standard of service that’s delivered to anyone who walks through their doors! It isn’t often that you can experience a boutique feel in a salon or clinic and be somewhere that’s busy, yet you feel like you are the only one there. The gorgeous location and surroundings definitely add to unique feel this clinic gives off.

With glowing skin still days later, I simply can’t wait to book another visit.

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