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Gummy Smile

A smile that reveals an excessive amount of gum on the upper lip is known as a gummy smile, or excessive gingival display. Individuals who have a gummy smile can feel subconscious or embarrassed when smiling or laughing.


Information on Gummy Smile

A common cause of gummy smile is an overgrowth of tissue that covers part of the teeth. The hidden enamel makes the teeth appear shorter. Hyperactive lip muscles can contribute to a gummy smile. The muscles which control the skin beneath the nose raise the top lip up too far, exposing an excessive amount of gum. Development issues affecting the teeth and jawbone can also result in the condition. If the jaw protrudes from the face, it can cause too much gum to show.

Smiling and laughing are things we do daily. Some people who suffer from gummy smile wish to improve their self-confidence by eliminating their excessive gum showing when smiling. Laser treatments to eliminate gum tissue and botulinum toxin injections to calm a hyperactive lip are popular ways of treating a gummy smile.  


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