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Weight Loss Clinic

Harpenden Skin Clinic are now working with the National Medical Weight Loss Programme (NMWLP) to offer medical treatment and advice to clients who are looking to loose weight and improve their confidence and wellbeing.  Book in a consultation with Janne today to find out if your suitable and kick start your weight loss journey.

The weight loss clinic is designed for clinically obese clients.


Weight Loss Clinic

The treatment can help you to change the way you view your diet and eating habits, while controlling your appetite and managing hunger and cravings. While monitoring your weight and blood pressure throughout, a full assessment and analysis will be given at each appointment with Janne.

If you would like to have a consultation, please click here and to fill in a consultation form.

Prices Starting From

£250 .00

Monthly Fee (Including Treatment)

The Treatment

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How does it work?

The prescribed medication mimics our body’s medical compound, (GLP-1) which is released from the intestine after a meal and it is 94% identical in morphology to our body’s own hormone, but with a much longer life span. By suppressing glucagon secretion, the body delays gastric emptying and stimulates glucose uptake by our muscles. In other words it suppresses our hunger, helps us to feel full for longer and enhances the way our body utilises the food we eat.

This medication has been shown to powerfully inhibit hunger and stimulate weight loss, which helps people to limit their risk of cardiovascular renal disease as well as reducing cancer risk. It should of course be used in conjunction with increasing activity levels and taking a low calorie diet.

How do I begin treatment?

Step 1 
First, you will need to complete this online consultation form. Click here.

This will help us to establish whether this medication would be appropriate for you. This consultation form will only take a few minutes to complete, and is encrypted and password protected to ensure your details are kept confidential.
Step 2
Your questionnaire will be reviewed by our Medical Director and a consultation will be arranged to discuss your plan.

Step 3
If treatment is “approved”, we will take you through an informed consent process discussing risks & benefits, alternative treatments, potential side effects and how to manage these. We will carry out a full assessment of your medical history and BMI before a practical demonstration on how to use the pen takes place.

Step 4 
We will prescribe your medication and show you how to self administer the weekly injection (each pen contains 4 weekly treatments). This is easy for you to do once we have shown you how to use it.

Is the treatment suitable for all clients?

The Weight Loss Clinic is a medical specifically treatment programme, for clinically obese clients. It is not a quick fix weight loss treatment.

Do I have to change my eating habits?

What is required and recommended during the programme will all be discussed in detail, in a comprehensive medical consultation with Janne.

Does it hurt?

There is no pain involved with the injection treatments.

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