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Aquagold Fine Touch™

Whether as a result of age or environmental factors, our skin can begin to appear far from its best as the minutes tick by. With the passing of time, prolonged sun exposure, medical conditions and hormonal influences all conspiring to leave our skin looking worn-out, uneven and undernourished, many have turned to aesthetics to undergo an all-encompassing rejuvenation, but few treatments are as complete as Aquagold® Fine Touch™.


Aquagold Fine Touch™

Making use of an advanced form of technology that combines microneedling with targeted skincare solutions, this 24-carat gold treatment boosts both your skin’s radiance and your overall body confidence from within.

By using a unique micro-infusion device, this treatment works by sending a bespoke mix of rejuvenating ingredients directly into the target area of the body, which can include the skin on the face, neck, eyes, hands and decolletage, through several tiny injection sites in order to rectify a number of confidence-sapping skin concerns and conditions from deep beneath the skin.

Trusted by those looking to reinject some smoothness and vigour back into their ailing appearance, Aquagold® Fine Touch™ is capable of diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the appearance of acne scarring, resolving pigmentation problems, brightening and clarifying areas of dullness, reducing pore size and promoting hydration and so much more. Details of this will be discussed during your initial consultation with us.

Achieving all of these desirable outcomes with the help of its patented screw thread technology, this one-of-a-kind treatment takes personalisation to the next level. Giving practitioners the rare ability to compose a bespoke cocktail of ingredients designed to suit the skincare needs of every individual patient, Aquagold® Fine Touch™ will allow us to work with you to manage any area of concern and give you a greater chance of meeting those all-important objectives, regardless of what these involve.

As a largely pain-free procedure which prioritises your comfort without compromising on results, Aquagold® Fine Touch™ can restore some much-needed radiance and smoothness to your skin with very little chance of downtime or recovery.

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The Treatment

At a Glance

30 minutes or less.
Possible Redness
Visible from two days to a week after treatment.
Suitable For
Ageing, tired or uneven skin.
Harpenden Skin Clinic - FAQ's

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You May Have

Does this treatment hurt?

Many patients report that this procedure is largely painless, with some developing slight redness and swelling after the treatment.

Is there any downtime required after the procedure?

Patients should normally be able to return to their normal routine after this procedure.

How many treatments will I need?

In order to get the most out of Aquagold® Fine Touch™, it’s recommended to undergo a top-up treatment every four weeks or so. This will ensure optimum results.

How soon will I see results?

This can vary, depending on your skincare goals. Results are largely visible from two days after treatment and can remain visible for up to four months.

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