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Skin Tag Removal

Have you noticed a small, smooth growth hanging from your skin? Chances are this is a skin tag, and luckily, they are harmless. Skin tags are made from loose collagen fibres and blood vessels, surrounded by skin. They tend to appear where the skin folds or rubs against itself and affect both men and women. There are various over-the-counter remedies for removing skin tags, but they come with the risk of bleeding and scarring.


Skin Tag Removal

Our clinic offers three effective ways to remove skin tags – Short-Wave Diathermy / CryoPen & Plasma. Short-wave diathermy uses a probe to apply a current through the skin tag.

Blood vessels are sealed, blocking the blood supply to it. This results in the skin tag falling off. CryoPen therapy makes use of a liquid gas which freezes the skin tag. The freezing temperature kills the cells within the skin tag and blocks its blood supply. After the procedure, the dead skin tag will fall off naturally. The Plasma treatment uses gas to cauterize the skin tag away.

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Will my skin tag grow back?

Once removed, skin tags do not grow back. If skin tags appear in the same place, it simply means you are prone to developing them in a certain area.

How soon will my skin tag fall off?

All treatments result in skin tags falling from the body naturally after a few days. The process should not take longer than two weeks.

If I have more than one skin tag, can I treat them all at once?

Generally, more than one skin tag can be treated at a time. However, this depends on how close the skin tags are situated and the type of treatment you opt for. During your consultation, your physician will address this issue.

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