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Excessive Hair

The condition ‘hirsutism’ refers to excessive or unwanted hair growth in women. The hair tends to be thicker and darker and is found where hair does not usually grow – on the face, neck, chest, stomach, back, buttocks or thighs.


Information on Excessive Hair

Polycystic ovary syndrome causes the body to produce increased amounts of androgens, whereas idiopathic hirsutism refers to excessive hair growth with no identifiable cause.

Deciding to treat hirsutism is a matter of personal choice. Medications can help, although many people opt to treat their unwanted hair using laser or other cosmetic treatments.

We provide laser hair removal as solution for unwanted hair here at Harpenden Skin Clinic, and the treatment is very popular for both men and women.


Advice is on hand

If you relate to this condition but still feel unsure, at Harpenden Skin Clinic we are always here to help and advise patients on the best possible treatment journey performed by experienced clinicians.

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