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Milia are tiny white bumps that appear on the skin. They are usually found on the face, grouped together on the nose, cheeks and chin. Newborn babies are common recipients of milia, with estimates of 40-50% developing the white bumps in the first month of their lives.


Information on Milia

When flakes of skin become trapped under the skin’s surface, milia develop. They can also be the cause of a build-up of keratin that becomes trapped under the skin’s surface. Keratin is a protein that is found in skin tissue, hair and nail cells.   

Milia are almost always removed naturally, yet there are cosmetic options available to help speed up the process.    

We provide options for the removal of milia at Harpenden Skin Clinic.


Advice is on hand

If you relate to this condition but still feel unsure, at Harpenden Skin Clinic we are always here to help and advise patients on the best possible treatment journey performed by experienced clinicians.

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