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Start As You Mean To Go On, This 2021

Harpenden Skin Clinic - 29th December 2020

Start As You Mean To Go On, This 2021 Image

As the new year begins Harpenden Skin Clinic is going to look on the bright side, so this January we are doing away with the typical dreary Covid vibes and are looking at the positives. We know there’s a vaccine on the way and things are about to improve.

Life is about change and maintaining the right mindset, and it just goes to show that keeping a positive attitude can and has seen us through all manner of obstacles. So let’s not let the coronavirus bring us down anymore, because life is about to be great again. It won’t be long before we are booking our summer holidays, eating out in restaurants and enjoying valuable time with friends and family.

So with this in mind, It’s time to start feeling a bit more abundant. Why not take the chance now, while we can and take advantage of the final spell of restrictions to invest and indulge in making yourself look as amazing as you are about to feel. Life is for living and you deserve to go for it!

Harpenden Skin Clinic has the tools to give you back your mojo and ensure that when Spring arrives, you will step back out with confidence knowing that you look amazing.

With the help of our bespoke packages, you can rejuvenate and refresh both your body and your face to reveal a radiant look that is bound to put the spring back in anyone’s step. Whether you’re preparing to return to the office, walk down the aisle surrounded by those you treasure the most or simply just want to emerge from a lengthy lockdown looking totally fab, Harpenden has the right package for you. Choose from:

Package 1. The Ultimate jawline

For £1250 you can lighten the look of heavy jawline with 1 Ultraformer Lower Face treatment and 6 sessions of Accent Prime Radio frequency.

Package 2. Eye Boost

£650 (+ BOTOX £850) will deliver a completely rejuvenated look to the eye area with 3 Ultraformer treatments and 1 Fire and Ice Eye Brightener procedure.

Package 3. Press Pause

Delay the signs of ageing through 3 Derma Needling procedures, 3 mild skin peels, BOTOX (2 areas) and 1ml of Volumising Dermal Filler, all for £1250.

Package 4. Non-surgical Tummy Tuck

For £2900, trimming your torso couldn’t be simpler with 4 CoolSculpting paddles, 1 Ultraformer treatment and 6 Radiofrequency sessions.

Package 5. Bridal

Every Bride wants to look her very best on the big day, so at the 5 month countdown get 3 Derma Needling treatments, 3 Fire and Ice Red Carpet Peels, 1 Hydrafacial and 24 Dermalux all for £1250 and at the 3 month countdown get 2 Fire and Ice Red Carpet facials, 1 Hydrafacial and 12 Dermalux all for £500.

The perfect accessory to accompany your incredible exterior is a soft and silky surface, So this January and February we are offering an exclusive 30% off all hair removal procedures booked with Donna or Manuela.

To complete the look and banish the evidence that the yuletide festivities have left behind, you can visit the Body Suite and transform your torso to become more trim and toned.

And if that’s not enough, the range of products on offer at our online shop can help you to keep glowing and maintain that polished look, from the comfort of your own home.

The outlook is not bleak this 2021. Things can only get better, and they really will.

For further information on any of these exclusive packages, contact us today and speak with one of our in house skin specialists who are on hand to answer your questions and recommend the right treatment for you.

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