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Skin Tag Removal at Harpenden Skin Clinic

Harpenden Skin Clinic - 15th April 2020

Skin Tag Removal at Harpenden Skin Clinic Image

Whilst skin tags don’t often seem to be talked about in the same breath as other skin concerns such as acne and eczema, the impact that they can have on the lives of those affected by them can be just as devastating.

Harmless and benign for the most part, skin tags, regardless of where they appear, can have a very real effect on our confidence and happiness, leading many of us to seek solutions for their removal.

What are skin tags?

Brown or fleshy in colour, skin tags are smooth and small growths that can sit in raised positions on any area of our skin. They derive their prominent appearance from being attached to a stalk that sits beneath the skin and normally emerge in places where there is a high chance of skin-to-skin contact. Thanks to friction, the formation of skin tags on parts of the skin located under the armpits, on the neck, around the groin, under the breasts and on the eyelids is a very real possibility. These skin tags can vary in size, ranging from being barely visible to being closer in size to that of a grape, which is equal to 5cm in diameter.

Skin tags, whilst not normally indicative of an underlying health condition, can also become a source of great discomfort if they are positioned in a place where jewellery or clothing is likely to come into frequent contact with them. This results in significant irritation.

Are some people more prone to skin tags than others?

Skin tags can appear on the skin of anyone and at any time, but there are several risk factors associated with their appearance on the body. For example, those who are overweight, pregnant or have diabetes may be more vulnerable to their development and they can also come about as a result of significant hormonal changes. Putting these causes aside, some people are just more genetically predisposed to emergence of skin tags on their bodies.

How can skin tags be removed?

There are several over-the-counter medications and tools available that purport to help with the removal of skin tags and, appealing though they may be, these methods of self-treatment bring with them the risk of further irritation, scarring and bleeding, so it’s always best advised to seek professional advice if you’re looking into the prospect of having a skin tag removed.

Skin tag removal at Harpenden Skin Clinic

At Harpenden Skin Clinic, we offer several methods of skin tag removal. The first of these, Short-Wave Diathermy, sends a current through the skin tag with the help of a probe. With the skin tag’s blood supply cut off as a result of this, it will drop off the skin. CryoPen treatment also works by restricting the skin tag’s blood supply, freezing the cells within and ensuring that this falls off naturally. The final method of removal, Plasma, vaporises the skin tag, making use of electrical energy to do so.

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