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Move Over Morpheus8, Sylfirm X Is Here!

Harpenden Skin Clinic - 13th February 2023

Move Over Morpheus8, Sylfirm X Is Here! Image

The chances are you’ve heard of Morpheus8, which has become one of the most popular treatments for renewing and revitalising the skin. What many of our clients don’t realise is that this is a rather aggressive form of microneedling that isn’t suitable for all skin conditions. We needed a device that was both effective and versatile. So, if you like Morpheus8, then you’ll LOVE Sylfirm X – our brand new radiofrequency microneedling device!

Morpheus8 Versus Sylfirm X

While there are a number of systems on the market that combine radiofrequency and microneedling technologies, there are a handful of reasons why Sylfirm X stands out and why we prefer it to Morpheus8.

Sylfirm X is a highly versatile device thanks to dual wave treatment technology. In fact, it’s the only machine on the market that offers this and can deliver continuous waves and short bursts of radiofrequency energy while needling the skin at the same time. This unique combinatio offers fantastic results for several skin concerns, with little to no pain at all and minimal downtime, if any. Sylfirm X is known to be far less painful than other similar devices, including Morpheus8, even at the highest settings. We’re also able to target and repair a layer of cells known as the ‘basement membrane’, strengthening the skin barrier and targeting even the deepest concerns in the process.

The Sylfirm X’s novel handpiece offers a high level of control, boasting a greater number of gold-plated needles than Morpheus8, maximising treatment capabilities. These needles penetrate beneath the superficial layer of the skin to gently stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for complete renewal at every dermal layer, lifting and tightening the skin. Depending on your individual needs, we have the luxury of choosing between 8 treatment modes, each with its own benefits.

What Does Sylfirm X Treat?

Sylfirm X is proven to treat a wider range of skin concerns when compared to Morpheus8, offering immense precision in terms of treatment depth and energy application, leading to optimal results for every patient. This 12-in-1 device offers effective results when used to treat:

Melasma & redness
Tired-looking, uneven skin
Active acne
Acne scarring
Fine lines & wrinkles
Loose skin
Stretch marks
Enlarged pores
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
Poor scalp circulation

If you suffer from any of the conditions listed above, ask our experts about Sylfirm X! We’ll tell you exactly why we choose this device over Morpheus8 and, in as little as 3-6 monthly sessions, you’ll see a vast improvement to your symptoms, allowing you to regain your confidence through our highly safe and effective treatment options.

Sylfirm X At Harpenden Skin Clinic®

At Harpenden Skin Clinic®, we’re passionate about high-quality aesthetics and natural results. We achieve our goals through the latest and most advanced treatment technologies, and our latest addition to the clinic is no exception.

To speak to a member of the team and book your consultation, get in touch using our online enquiry form or simply give us a call on 01582 822000. You can also email us at if you’d prefer.

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