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Introducing The Body Suite at Harpenden Skin Clinic

Harpenden Skin Clinic - 25th September 2020

Introducing The Body Suite at Harpenden Skin Clinic Image

Lockdown has caused many of us to put on a little excess weight. By not having to commit to our usual commute or school ‘run’ has seen us moving around less and lowering our activity levels. With gyms and other facilities closed, being creative and finding other ways to stay in shape and maintain body strength, may have been a little more difficult than we expected.

However, now that things have started moving again (including ourselves) and places have begun to open up, some of those lockdown lumps and bumps may have started to shift. But, as with a lot of people, there is always that one area where stubborn fat refuses to go away. This is where Harpenden Skin Clinics’ brand new Body Suite can come to the rescue.

Launching this October, we are birnging you the latest and most innovative non-surgical  solutions for reducing or removing those pesky pockets of fat. Whether assisting you with weight loss, muscular rehabilitation or finding the right solution to recontour the body, Kate and her expert team at Harpenden Skin Clinic’s brand new Body Suite are sure to have the right treatment for you. This may include:


World renowned cryolipolysis technology offers a body contouring solution for permanent fat loss / reduction.

EmSculpt Neo

A course of treatments targeting fat loss whilst helping to build muscle mass, engage muscles for improved toning and definition and help with pain management.

Ultraformer III

A course of treatments using HIFU technology for toning and tightening the skin.

Accent Prime

Radiofrequency technology targeted to stimulate collagen and tighten the skin.

Weight loss injections

By medical prescription only this treatment can help with your weight loss journey by reducing your appetite.

So, now is the time to wave goodbye to your bingo wings, bin the back fat, shake a leg at thigh fat and define an amazing abdomen. At Harpenden Skin Clinic, we can help you rediscover your slender profile and improve your muscle tone and definition. The Body Suite team can help you with all of your body recontouring needs. A series of procedures usually takes just a few months (just in time for Christmas!), so make now the time to act and with 30% off all available treatments, looking fabulous seems even more spellbinding, get in touch today.

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