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TruSculpt iD

TruSculpt iD is a non-invasive FDA approved treatment to permanently destroy fat cells, both subcutaneous and visceral, it’s ideal for targeting those areas which are more resistant to diet and exercise.


TruSculpt iD

Using the most advanced Radio Frequency technology, the iD can be used to treat areas of fat that other technologies are unable to target. The heat penetrates deep into the tissue taking the temperature up to 47 degrees causing apoptosis – destruction of the fat cells and the best part…it’s permanent.

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The Treatment

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From just 15 minutes.
12 weeks.
Suitable For
Fat Reduction and can aid skin laxity.

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Does the treatment hurt?

No. A warmth sensation will occur and should reach a point of heat which remains tolerable and then let the advanced technology of the machine do the rest.

Will I need a course of treatments?

No. On average most patients will require just one session, however this can vary and more can be carried out depending on the results aiming to achieve.

How will I maintain the results?

Results from treatment are permanent, however, maintenance will be relied upon the patient by continuing a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.

How is this treatment different to Coolsculpting?

TruSculpt iD uses advanced Radio Frequency technology, essentially heat, as opposed to freezing, to destroy and eliminate the fat cells. iD can be used on areas where there are fat cells present but not necessarily pinch able tissue and unlike many treatments on the market the iD can also be used to treat visceral fat.